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Available Hemp Colors

Ijitsa Collection of Hemp Colors

We use high quality 100% hemp yarn to hand weave stuff at our home (no smoking, no pets, just kids).

If you are into thick and bulky hemp jewelry, the first three are for you (T1-T3).

The most popular 32 colors (0-32) are produced in Romania using natural dyes and most of it is actually organic. It's crisp at first and get softer as you wear it.

Next set of colors (51-72) is produced in China using reactive dyes. They are very soft to the touch.

Our newest addition to the collection is a set of hemp colors (80-91) that is imported from Italy and very soft as well.

Color of Hemp, Natural, Blue Black, White, Red, Dark Red, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Golder Brown, Dark Purple, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Light Yellow, Golden Brown Rainbow, Purple/Blue Rainbow, Rusty Gray, Burgundy, Light Purple, Olive Rainbow, Rasta Rainbow, Green Rainbow, Blue Rainbow, Muted Rainbow, Bright Rainbow, Black/White Rainbow, Gray, Navy Blue, Dark Burgundy, Ruby, Coral, Pumpkin, Rose, Dijon, Pistachio, Avocado, Midori, Deep Sea, Sapphire, Periwinkle, Lilac, Bordo, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Foggy, Pearl, Classic, Licorice, Marble, Charcoal