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Why Bamboo?

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While you might’ve only thought of bamboo as growing on your windowsills or making an appearance in your soups, bamboo makes great yarn. The soft fiber is vibrant and incredibly smooth. The result – silky smooth bracelets in great colors. We used the incredible yarn to create lots of different bracelets. Check out our selection here: Bamboo Bracelets  

(Remember, bamboo is a flexible fiber, and can stretch when it gets wet. We recommend you order a shorter length or keep your bracelet out of the water.)

The perk of hand-made and custom-made bracelets is that we give you almost unlimited options. Our pattern lets you choose up to 4 colors for a customized bracelet, so you can explore a variety of colors, or let the sheen of the thread do all the talking and choose just one. You might not see a photo with your choice of colors, and that’s because you’re the first to choose your unique combination. We invite you to explore our 23 bamboo yarns in the photos and mix and match for your own unique bracelet! 

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Here is our reboot. Most of the products were transferred here and cleaned up. Please let us know if you see any issues.

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